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Automatic Power Factor Improvement Panels

Equipped with advanced technologies and features, our Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels (APFC Panels)/ Power Factor Improvement Panels are fully automated in operation, having capacity to achieve industry-required power factor in diverse situations. These panels are quality-tested components that undergo a wide variety of electrical load. They can be used in a wide range of industries like: Hospitals / Hotels, Building Segment, Steel Rolling Mills, Chemical Industry, Textile, Automobile Industry, Cement & Sugar Plants.

  • Hospitals / Hotels
  • Building Segment
  • Steel Rolling Mills
  • Chemical Industry
  • Textile
  • Cement Plant
  • Suger Plant
  • Automobile Industry
Some of the key features of our APFC products are:
  • Perfect to Improve Power Factor
  • User-Friendly Microprocessor Based APFC Relay
  • Self Optimizing Control Capability
  • Dust-Proof Cabinet With Power Coating
  • Perfect Control With Different System Parameters Measurement With Indicating Light
  • Cost Effective Reliable Static Devices
  • Durable Construction
Product Specifications :
  • Non-Compartmentalized
  • Modular Design For Easier Assembly, Installation & Maintenance
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • 4–14 Correction Stages
  • Optimum Reactive Power Compensation
  • Indoor
  • Floor Mounted
  • Cable Entry From Bottom
  • Better Reliability And Lower Losses
  • Withstands High Temperature
  • Step Protection MCCB
  • Savings And Incentives in Electricity Bills